Waste Case Study – Glen Katherine PS

At Glen Katherine Primary School, we are committed to reducing our landfill waste and litter. Here are some of the initiatives undertaken by our school community.Reducing our Landfill Waste

We’ve all been trying very hard to reduce the amount of waste both in classrooms and in the yard. We hope that our efforts will help our students understand that with plenty of cooperation and effort, we can reduce, reuse and recycle which is going to make our world a much better and more liveable place in the future. Knowing that we all have to share in this responsibility is a key part of learning and we know that it is a collective responsibility for all of us, both young and old.

It is terrific to see the increasing number of students who bring little or no rubbish (wrappers, gladwrap etc) to school. Instead, they have their special lunch boxes with ‘nude food’ (no wrapping) enclosed in special compartments. How good are these lunch boxes! What a difference they are also making to rubbish reduction in classroom and yard bins. Our cleaners have even commented on the fact that our rubbish load has been reduced. A BIG THANKYOU to the parents, students and staff who are getting behind our attempt to reduce waste and litter in our environment. With a bit of thought, it’s easy enough to do.

Nude Food Days

One of our main School Initiatives has been promoting Nude Food – that is, food brought to school without packaging! Our families are really embracing this concept and it’s great to see everyone taking an active interest in this area. Grade One and Two children are learning about writing Persuasive Texts . This is where you write a text that tries to convince people about your idea or belief. Grade 1A wrote this piece of Persuasive writing about Nude Food Day.

Nude food is extremely important to our environment.

We need to try to keep our lunchbox rubbish free

The first reason is so we have less rubbish at school. This is good because our school will look good and be tidy. Also we won’t have to do emu bobs.

The second reason is so we don’t harm nature. Animals can think that rubbish is food and they eat it. The rubbish can wash into our waterways and clog them up.

Another reason is you will save money if you don’t buy gladwrap, foil and plastic bags.

Lunchbox Legends

We celebrate families and students who bring nude food lunchboxes to school. We take photos of rubbish free lunches and put them in the newsletter to thank families for their efforts and model to others how to pack a nude food lunchbox.

How We Compost our Food Scraps
(A GK Green Team Article)

In our school we compost our food by each class having a compost bin outside their classroom. Every classroom has a compost monitor. Every day they take the compost bucket to the compost bin either up near the office or down in the gully.

Som of the food scraps get fed to the worms. None of our food scraps get put in the skip. We also do not compost meat! It is important to compost because all of our food will soon develop into dirt, which is good for our gardens. It is better than going into the rubbish skip and sitting in a landfill tip!

GK’s You Can School Campaign

The JSC are continuing to collect old mobile phones for the You Can campaign. The old phones are sent to a recycling company (instead of being put in landfill) and then swapped for money. The money raised goes towards CANteen and is used to build youth cancer centres across Australia. GK has collected 150 mobile phones so far and won 2 digital cameras for the school!

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