Waste ideas

A big thank you to all staff and students for their fantastic efforts in recycling in their, classrooms, office and out in the school grounds.
It takes everyone to participate to get results. This term we’re working on our Waste Module for our Resourcesmartschools accreditation.
A big reminder that our school is a rubbish bin free school in the school grounds. We encourage you to pack Nude Food lunches for your child free of any single use plastic. Our students are encouraged to take home any single use plastics for recycling, you can do this at Woolworths or Coles.
Officeworks will take printer cartridges, used textas and batteries.
Keep sending in your bread tags. So far we have collected 7 kilos of tags.
Our participation in Clean Up Australia Day had a huge impact on our beach at Websters Corner. Thanks to those who participated
Small changes can have big impact on our environment.

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