Waste Learning Story

Banyule Primary School’s Waste Learning Story

In 2019, we have been focussing on the war on waste. We have worked hard to ensure that the students, staff and community develop an awareness of their environmental responsibilities, particularly usage of plastic products and overall waste. Through conducting waste and litter audits of our school, we have identified areas we need to work on in order to reduce our waste and put solutions in place.
To reduce the amount of waste going into landfill, Banyule Primary school uses a four bin system. This includes a paper recycling bin, compost bin which feeds the worms and chickens, soft plastics and landfill waste. Our school also runs a Nude Food Program which encourages students to bring their food in containers and reduce rubbish. On Friday afternoons, each class is encouraged to go to their assigned clean-up area and pick up rubbish in order to eliminate litter. Paper bins, soft plastics bins and comingled recycling bins are also placed in the school office, photocopy rooms and staffroom. Classrooms contain ‘scrap paper’ tubs where paper can be recycled within the classroom. We also invited the Mondo Clothing Collection to come to our school so families within the community could donate their clothing, toys, shoes and linen to be recycled. The Waste leaders also organised a toy drive as part of our Sustainability Action Meetings. In future, Banyule Primary School would like to introduce ‘Rubbish free Mondays’ where no waste is allowed in any landfill bins on that day. We would also like to build a compost system in our vegetable garden in order to eliminate food waste. In recent years we have improved our numbers dramatically. In 2016, Banyule Primary School was using 0.32m3 landfill per student and in 2017 we were using 0.26m3 per student. From 2018, each student is now using is 0.24m3 of waste.
The programs we have put in place appear to be making a difference on a whole school scale, with a reduction in the schools waste to landfill. Banyule Primary School is excited to continue to research and implement new programs in their quest to eradicate waste.

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