Waste Module Final Report

Goulburn Valley Grammar School is fortunate to have a spacious campus which incorporates the natural environment. Improving recycling facilities and reducing overall consumption of resources are key goals that not only have financial benefits for the school, but are also rewarding for students, staff and the local community.

  • Some of the key areas GVGS has improved and focused on include:
  • Introduction of waste, recycling & organic bins in the Copulos area. The aim is to move these bins to the Year 9 precinct and purchase new bins for the Primary Precinct. Our goal is eventually have these bins located throughout the school.
  • Staff have had recycling bins placed in their offices.
  • Solar panels have been installed on the Mathematics Rooms and Administrative building to reduce energy emissions.
  • Collection of organic scraps in the canteen, primary area and staff room.
  • Students undertook a ‘Keep Cup’ drive to educate student, staff and parents about reducing waste through re-use.
  • Aiming to have regular rubbish audits.
  • Our aim as a school is to attempt to educate the Primary and Year 9 students specifically and we hope by targeting these year levels it will spread to other year levels.

The CERES program has enabled us to review our current practices in waste management and look for new and practical ways in which we can minimise and reduce consumption.

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