Be a Waste Warriors Or You’ll Be Sorrier!!

Harvest Home Primary School Waste Learning Story

Students at HHPS have been magnificent waste warriors throughout the year, not only by participating in nude food days but also being challenged by our Weekly waste audits conducted by our Stem Leaders. The Waste Warriors check the bins every Friday and award the Trash Trophy to the community with the least amount of waste and the community that sorts their waste according to the particular bins.

In Years 1 + 2, students exploring waste, from what goes where, how much rubbish we make in a year, and how to Reduce Reuse and Recycle our waste. 

In Year 1, students have been popping on their thinking caps and solving our waste problem from another perspective. Students discovered ways to recycle or reduce some of their waste by learning about recycling programs, such as the Ooshie Recycling Program, sponsored by (Woolies), Our Schools MONDO program, which collects clothing to make into biofuels, an alternative energy resource.   

Students have been doing waste inspections in grade 2 students. They went on a hunt around the school to find particularly common waste items (litter) from around our school (slushie cups, straws, chip packets). Students were surprised to see how many of these items are left around the school. Students in Year 2 also used their imaginations and innovation skills to use recycled materials to create something like a new toy, machine, or some invention not yet released. Students used their critical thinking skills and promote the Recycle, Reduce, Reuse way of living.

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