Water at Solway

At Solway our aim is to promote actions which will reduce the school’s overall water consumption and raise appreciation of water as a valuable resource.  To educate the whole school community on ways to reduce indoor and outdoor water usage.


The objectives of the Water Working Group are:


§         To reduce the costs of water consumption within our school

§         To use resources and equipment as efficiently as possible

§         To choose the most effective means of conserving water, ie, installation of water tanks; grey water system and dual flush cisterns.

§         To involve students and staff in the planning of water conservation initiatives


To help achieve our objectives, we have undertaken the following:


§         50,000 litre water tank installed and water now used for dual flush cisterns (installed in 2008)

§         School Water Audit undertaken (2009)

§         25,000 litre water tank installed (2009)

§         Installation of 4 new water efficient drinking fountains/bubblers (2011)

§         “Turn off Taps/Save Water” signage created and installed by students throughout the school

§         On-going Environment & Sustainability educational program to include Water Conservation

§         Regular cross school excursions/incursions relating to Environment/Sustainability to include Water Conservation

§         On-going provision of useful water saving tips in the School weekly Newsletter

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