Water Case Study – Frankston East Primary School


By 3/4T

Our school got a water tank in September 2008. We won it in the Tank-a-day competition run by Blue Scope Steel. All of the water that is in it comes from rain water that runs off our roof. Then the water goes into a pump that goes to the toilets for when you flush them. The tank holds 23,000 litres and is like a BIG jar of water. Our tank helps the environment because it helps us not to waste water. We also use it when we water our vegi garden.


By 1/2 C

Grades one and two were going to go to Jubilee Park pond but it was raining so Lisa from Water watch came to us with some pond water. We got to look at the water and found lots of little animals in it. They were called macro organisms. If there are lots of different kinds it means the water is healthy. If there’s only one or two kinds the water is not healthy. We found quite a few different kinds of animals so the water was okay. We learnt that what goes in the drains goes into the water and can be bad for the little animals so it’s really important to be careful what you put down the drain.

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