Water Learning Story

School Water Learning Story

This year we have been focusing on making our overall water consumption less, by raising awareness throughout our school community of simple and easy ways to save water. Our Water team discovered that during 2017 our average water consumption was 1.95kl per student, however in 2018 we have had an increase to 2.77kl per student. We took note that during 2018 we have had major construction at our school which may have contributed to this increase, however we still endeavour to reduce our consumption this coming year.

To help us identify areas we could focus on improving, we conducted a Water audit where our Grade 2 students walked around the school to identify any areas of concern. Students looked at a variety of areas such as our drink taps, looking at their water pressure, if they were working effectively and if students were using them appropriately. They also investigated the school gardens to see if we had any leaking hoses or puddles caused by hoses being used unproductively. Lastly they checked to see if our toilets were running efficiently, not constantly running and wasting water. They then collected the data they found and passed it on to the Water team so we could identify our areas for improvement.

Now we have identified our areas of improvement, we have made a plan of action to help our overall water consumption reduce. We have placed water saving tips on our Sustainability bulletin boards as well as notices in our fortnightly newsletters about how we can practise water saving actions throughout our day to day lives. We have also arranged to have any faulty or leaking taps get fixed in the near future.
We are excited to see how our water consumption data changes in the next year, as we strive to continually better our efforts each year.

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