Werribee PS – Core Module Case Study

Werribee Primary School is currently working on the Core Module with the support of staff from CERES (Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies).This strategic planning module embeds sustainability into the school’s operations, curriculum and wider community engagement.
The process includes:

  • collection of baseline data and resource use (a review of the current State of the School)
  • establishing a data monitoring and reporting system
  • recognition of prior achievements and identifying opportunities for improvement
  • reviewing sustainability themes in the curriculum
  • policy development
  • developing an action plan addressing all modules
  • planning for student leadership/involvement
  • building links with environmental agencies and the wider community

As ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic school, we will endeavour to:

  • save energy, water and conserve biodiversity
  • reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions
  • support implementation of the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) in the school curriculum
  • change the behaviour of the school population towards sustainable practices

Werribee Primary School’s 2010 ACHIEVEMENTS:

  • Participation in whole school activities such as Clean Up Australia Day, National Tree Day.
  • Involvement of our student biodiversity group in The Biodiversity in Your School program – a partnership between Greening Australia Victoria and Zoos Victoria. The biodiversity group participated in a fieldwork experience at the Werribee Zoo and completed a habitat audit of our school grounds.
  • Participation in Wyndham Environment Network meetings.
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