Why is Biodiversity Important? WHo Cares?

Well, if oxygen, clean air and water, pollination of plants and oxygen are important to you, then YOU CARE!

Biodiversity is the name for the variety of living things in a place—whether a small stream, an extensive desert, all the forests in the world, the oceans, or Noble Park Primary School —biodiversity, is short for biological diversity.

This week, MLH students Ekam, Japreet, Selma, Mellina, Loveleen and Kanani, with teachers Helena and Jennie, conducted a Biodiversity Audit in the school playground and found only 11 native species, including ravens, ants, blow flies and roly polies in our gardens.

Greater biodiversity can help reduce pollution and global warming by working as a healthy ecosystem to provide us with clean air and water, so the Green Team are working hard to improve the biodiversity at NPPS by creating a new habitat – for frogs! Not looking like much at the moment; but keep a close watch on the area behind the MLH as it will soon be transformed into a frog paradise, with logs, rocks, water and plants where frogs will love to live!

Once established, students, teachers and families will be able to enjoy the peace in beautiful surroundings while observing and learning about the stages of the frog life cycle, their needs, calls, breeds and perhaps be inspired to create a frog habitat at home!

Watch this space…


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