Window Webhosting for ASP NET MVC .NET sites

When it comes to the availability of web hosting services, Windows hosting occupies a significant position among web hosting options. Let us concisely get you familiar with Windows hosting and answer some of the commonly asked questions.

Firstly, it is vital to clarify that you do not have to use Windows hosting just because you are using a Windows PC or any Windows operating system device. Hence you can host your site on any of the web hosting servers, regardless of the server. People will still be capable of accessing your website on the Internet. But why do you need Window Webhosting for ASP NET sites? Well, you will have to dive into the complete details.

What is Windows Server?

Windows Server is a widely used operating system released by Microsoft for serving business data as well as applications in a corporate Intranet and public Internet. It was initially released in 1993 as Windows NT. Let us discuss some of the relevant aspects concerning the common use cases, especially when it comes to web hosting.

A Windows server is basically used in hosting websites developed with Microsoft technologies, including window Webhosting for ASP NET, Microsoft SQL Server, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core, etc. Websites built uses such technology that cannot be hosted efficiently on non-Windows servers, for example, Linux. But since Linux is free and open-source, why would you even want to build a site on a proprietary platform like Microsoft that is even going to cost you?

On the other hand, Microsoft web development technologies (as mentioned previously); are thriving millions of web developers all over the world who are adopting them. One of the basic reasons is that web developers select web development technologies that include window Webhosting for ASP NET, ASP.NET MVC, and several other technologies. Hence Microsoft is known for ease of use. In addition to this, such web development technologies are available for free so that developers do not have to pay anything, and there are no barriers to entry.

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What are Windows Hosting Supported Technologies?

Let’s look at some of the imperative web development technologies that are supported with Windows web hosting servers. If you are searching for a cheap Windows hosting solution, make sure all the technologies are supported.


From the very beginning, there were ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC. Now, the list also includes ASP.NET Core! ASP.NET Core is a well-known web development framework that Microsoft and the developers’ community developed. Hence it is a free and open-source framework that can boost your high performance than ASP.NET. Moreover, such a framework is a comprehensive rewrite, and it unifies ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, and ASP.NET Web API into a distinct programming model. In addition to this, it has a modular architecture, and it supports .NET frameworks on Windows as well as its cross-platform equivalent .NET Core.


Window Webhosting for ASP NET was introduced in 2002, a successor of Microsoft’s Activate Server Pages (ASP). Consequently, it is an open-source web application framework specifically for the development of active database-driven web websites.


ASP.NET MVC is another web development framework for implementing an MVC (Model View Controller) design pattern. Similarly, it is also an open-source framework that is often used with ASP.NET Web Forms and ASP.NET Web API.

Classic ASP

Classic ASP (Active Server Pages) was the first server-side scripting language used to develop databases and dynamically-driven web pages.

Microsoft SQL Server

A Microsoft SQL Server (known as MS SQL Server) is one of Microsoft’s leading database management systems (DBMS).

Microsoft Access Database

Microsoft Access allows the establishment of desktop database applications. In addition to this, Window Webhosting allows you to upload the database file and programmatically query it using SQL. It presents the results using Classic ASP code or ASP.NET.

Do Cheap Windows Host Support Other Web Development Technologies?

Now that you have clear information about Windows Server, the next logical question that people often ask is whether Windows server can host any other web development technologies, for example, PHP or MySQL? The answer is absolute YES. As previously stated, Windows Server is an operating system.

Hence in such an operating system known as the Internet Information Services (IIS), IIS is a web server for serving the sites that are uploaded. IIS is mainly for the Windows server and exactly what Apache web server is for the Linux server. In addition to its association HTTPS, HTTP and HTTP/2, it also supports FTPS, FTP, SMTP, and NNTP.

Moreover, IIS allows different configurations in order to support different other web development technologies. For example, it includes Perl, PHP, ColdFusion, Python, WordPress, Joomla, etc. Hence it does not confine or limit the web developer for their Microsoft technologies.

In addition to this, it provides support to the different types of database management systems such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Microsoft Access, and PostgreSQL. However, Windows servers and IIS are essentially designed and optimized specifically for hosting sites built on web development technologies such as Window Webhosting for ASP NET, Microsoft SQL Server, ASP.NET MVC, etc.

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