Wormlovers and discount for ResourceSmart Schools

Wormlovers have successfully delivered the revolutionary Hungry Bin worm farm to dozens of schools around Melbourne and across Australia. The Hungry Bin is the easiest to use and most efficient worm farm on the market. We can also supply multiple bins to manage your school’s organic waste. Whole school worm farm systems are a great sustainability measure, fascinating teaching tool, and may be the missing link in your school garden.

Wormlovers have also developed classroom activities and teaching tools using worm farming and worm life to develop skills across all areas of the Australian Curriculum. These resources are free to download and use repeatedly, and have been designed by an experienced primary years teacher. They include content descriptors and elaboration for the curriculum area being explored, complete with links to the relevant detail on the Australian Curriculum website.

The Foundation to Year 6 classroom packages includes videos, classroom activity sheets, teachers notes and materials for printing and duplicating. Students discover the many types of worms, the nutrient cycle, worm anatomy and reproduction and

why turning organic waste into beautiful plant food is important for the environment. Each pack includes listening and watching, hands on activities and written class material.

Please click here to download the curriculum material:

Wormlovers discounts to ResourceSmart Schools working with CERES

Hungry Bin + 4000 worms – $60 off = $410
Hungry Bin +2000 worms – free delivery anywhere in Melbourne + $20 off = $379
Hungry Bin alone – free delivery = $339
Schoolyard package – bin + setup + incursion – $100 off = $999*
Additional discounts of $25 off each additional bin in schoolyard package

* Schoolyard package includes:
Hungry Bin

4000 worms per bin
Delivery assembly and setup of bins
Instructional signage
Practical instruction on Hungry Bin function
Steel racking available at an additional cost

Please contact Wormlovers on sales@wormlovers.com.au

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