Year Review / Recycling Olympics

Sustainability 2018 Review

The Sustainability Committee had a great year in 2018 full of fun events and fundraisers. We also completed many goals to improve Camberwell High’s environmental impact. Some of these included developing a compost bin plan, participating in a climate change summit, and planning an educational video on recycling. In the last week, we organised the ‘Recycling Olympics’, a whole-school activity including different events, from ‘Stack the Tower’ to ‘Guess the Lids’. Though we did fundraise $61.80, the event was organised to spread awareness and teach the students of Camberwell High how to recycle better. The ‘Stack the Tower’ activity was a huge success, and many people participated (see photo). Overall, it was an engaging event and we really enjoyed having a fun way to interact with the school community. It was a great way to end the year for the Sustainability Committee and we hope to continue our work in 2019.

Ruby Hall, Abby Sharrock on behalf of Sustainability Committee

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