A Plastic Free Year

In 2011, local Melburnian Gina Predergast has embarked on a campaign to live a year without plastic.

She explains, “2010 was a great year for me. I landed a job I love, completed building my first house, met a wonderful well balanced guy and my family and friends are generally well and happy. I was brought to tears twice and both times I was watching images of how plastic is harming our world, particularly our oceans. Two documentaries The Garbage Patch (BBC, 2008) and A Sea Change (Niigii Films) brought my attention to the under-recognised yet ubiquitous issues facing our planet; plastic debris in our oceans and the devastating, biological impact of plastics on marine life and the human food chain. We are incredibly dependant on having a healthy ocean. I had to do something. So, inspired by the wise words of Gandhi I decided to be the change I want to see and vowed to attempt living a year without virgin plastic”.

Gina will be publishing an article every quarter in Australian Conservation Foundation’s ‘Habitat’ magazine to update readers on how she is going.

CERES Shop and Market have come to the rescue with hard-to-find items like organic hair conditioner, “Some toughie’s like purchasing hair conditioner has became a reality when visiting CERES Environmental Park (Melbourne) where I can fill my empty honey jars with bulk buy organic conditioner. I can also purchase oats, nuts and dried fruits in paper bags to make my own muesli as well as fresh baked bread”.

You can also follow Gina’s journey via her Facebook page ‘A Plastic Free Year’, or her blog www.aplasticfreeyear.blogspot.com/

Good luck and “Good on ya”, Gina!
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