Biodiversity Learning Story

In the second half of 2019, students at Aitken College were very busy planting trees as part of the national ‘Schools Tree Day’ event and revegetating the land surrounding Brodies Creek, which runs through the school premises.

On the 26th of July, several classes spent a lesson planting trees in defined locations around the school. This was part of the National Tree Day event that took place on 28th July this year. Students thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to escape the classroom and spend some time planting seedlings that will, in time, become trees that add to the wonderful gardens already growing at the school.

In August, students were again given the opportunity to do some tree planting. This time the focus was on Brodies Creek and enhancing the quality of the environment in the immediate vicinity of the creek.

These events not only got students involved in planting trees but offered them a lesson in the importance of biodiversity in local environments. Some of the students who participated were also learning about weeds and native flora in their classes; a healthy environment requires control of the former so the latter can thrive.

The students who participated had a great time and there have been many requests for further tree planting projects in the future. It is rewarding to see lots of young people taking a keen interest in the environment. May they be ‘green thumbs’ in the making!

Mr. Christopher Reid

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