Frogs! Frogs! Frogs!

There are about 208 species of frogs known in Australia, possibly more to be discovered. Four species of Australian frogs have become extinct and the survival of another twenty-seven species is under threat.

Lots of schools are working to support frogs in their local area. Here are some resources to help you and your school help these special animals.


Identifying and Learning About Frogs

Amphibian Research Centre

Australia Museum

Frogs of Australia

Frogs Australia Network

Melbourne Water – Frog Census

Melbourne Water – Frog Census – ‘Teachers Resources’

Melbourne Water – Frog Census – Useful Links

Museum Victoria – Biodiversity Snapshots

Museum Victoria – Bioinformatics

Zoos Victoria – Act Wild


Creating Frog-Friendly Gardens

Burke’s Backyard – Building a Frog Pond

Gardening Australia – Backyard Frog Ponds

Frogs Australia Network – Creating a Frog Friendly Garden

La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary – Frog Bog

Zoos Victoria – Act Wild – Frog Gardening


School Case Studies on the CERES Hub

Brunswick East Primary School – Frog Bog

Carnegie Primary School – Bird, Bug and Frog Friendly Garden

Frankston High School – Indigenous Planting is the Way to Go

Manorvale Primary School – Pobblebonk Road

Orchard Grove Primary School – Frog Bog

Peninsula Special Development School – Supporting Local Frogs

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