How ResourceSmart Schools Connects to Bottle for Botol

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Organisation: Bottle for Botol

Program: Bottle for Botol

This program start a social enterprise selling student designed stainless steel water bottles to assist an Indonesian partner school to reduce their plastic consumption.

Click on the links to see how this program connects to the following modules of ResourceSmart Schools: 

Waste module

Water module

Accessible to schools in the following Melbourne metropolitan regions: Eastern, Northern and Southern

Appropriate for students in:
Primary – Prep to Grade 2
Primary – Grade 3 to Grade 6
Secondary – Year 7 to Year 10
Secondary – Year 11 to Year 12

What is offered to schools:

The program aims to link schools in Australia and Indonesia to lead a generational change away from single-use plastics. Students enter a competition to design a stainless steel water bottle which they will then sell through a social enterprise run by student leaders.

The proceeds from every bottle purchased buys two bottles; one for yourself and one for a student in Indonesia. All bottles come with a “Symbol of Friendship” tag written by a student from your partner school. The goal is for the program to provide a bottle to every student at the partner school, allowing the school canteen to replace their single-use plastic aqua-cups with gallon dispensers.

Bottle for Botol aims to show students in Australia and Indonesia that they have the power to make a positive change to their environment.

The program offers students the ability to become leaders in social enterprise, sustainability and cultural engagement. It provides schools with inspiring speakers for assemblies and opportunities for both your school and student leaders to be recognised for their participation in this important partnership.


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