How ResourceSmart Schools Connects to Do Something’s Save Paper

Do Something Save Paper logoOrganisation: Do Something

Program: Save Paper

This program helps schools and businesses reduce paper usage and buy more sustainably sourced paper.

Connects to the following modules of ResourceSmart Schools: Waste

Accessible to schools in the following Melbourne metropolitan regions: Eastern, Northern and Southern

Appropriate for students in:
Primary – Prep to Grade 2
Primary – Grade 3 to Grade 6
Secondary – Year 7 to Year 10
Secondary – Year 11 to Year 12

What is offered to schools:

The Save Paper campaign aims to:

  • Reduce paper usage and waste in households and businesses
  • Provide support for households and businesses with reducing paper usage and make more sustainable choices about buying paper.

Schools can use the Save Paper website to:

  • Run a junk mail campaign in their community
  • Access facts about paper usage to educate their community
  • Access tools that help save money and paper
  • Run a Save Paper campaign
  • Get paper recycling advice
  • Access information about purchasing paper


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