Include Nude Food!

Include Nude Food!


Nude food is a environmental ‘program’ that is used by many schools and people all over the world. The schools have a day, or multiple days, that the children bring no wrapper food. This means they bring their food in reusable containers.

This being said, humans are making a huge change to stop the environment from flooding it with food wrappers, and reverse the destruction harming our gorgeous world.

Improving and Helping the Environment

Nude food is a great way for humans to sustain the environment. Without having wrappers to throw away, the environment gets just one less wrapper in landfill. Only one less wrapper makes such a big difference to nature!!! Believe it or not, our land is flooded with unused rubbish. There are oceans of waste, and it’s just growing. Nude food is definitely a way to make it shrink.

Healthy Eating

Nude food doesn’t just help the environment, it also helps you! When you have nude food, there is a much higher chance that you have real food, such as: apples, bananas, and all different fruits. The benefits of apples may shock you; they can reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Bananas have lots of potassium, which maintains a normal blood pressure and heart function. These fruits are REAL FOODS, that haven’t been drowned in chemicals, or have had any extra sugar sprinkled over it. It’s only healthy, natural, real food, that is good for you.

Benefits of Healthy Eating

The healthy food causes this ‘disease’ called positivity. It’s not actually a disease, it’s just a feeling of being a lot happier when being healthy. Healthy food, causes less stress, and gives you a longer life. It also saves money (a lot of it.) It improves your mindset, and you become less picky. And a big one – it helps us stay at a healthy weight.

In conclusion, nude food is a much healthier choice to not only the environment, but yourself as well!

Paige 6AD

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