making seeded paper from children’s scrap paper

Making seeded paper using room scrap paper.


Materials needed – Scrap paper from our recycling boxes.

Various  seed packets.



Tear the paper into small pieces and leave to soak until the paper is fully saturated. This can take a couple of hours, although I normally let mine soak overnight. Use a hand blender to blend the paper into a pulp. Squeeze the water from the pulp, all lumps should be removed at this stage and the paper pulp should be well mixed.

Add a handful of seeds to the paper pulp. The amount of seeds required will depend on the type of seeds used and the finished effect that you are looking for. Mix the…MORE seeds well using your hands or a spoon. Do not use the hand blender otherwise you will damage the seeds. Spoon into moulds or children can make into balls. Allow to dry.

Once these have been made add a card and give to families to grow at home.


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