MWorld for Educators

MWorld is an interactive world of learning for iPad, Android and Windows like no other. Uniting stunning multimedia, enthralling game play, narration feature and cutting-edge university-produced content. Created by a team at Monash University, our purpose is to unleash curiosity and open the door to the amazing world we live in.

Teachers can use MWorld and supporting resources to inspire children’s natural curiosity, support inquiry-based learning, and enrich their literacy programs. Designed for primary students ​​aged 8-12, There are 50+ ‘titles’ divided into ten broad categories: The Natural World, The Wonders of Science, Art and Music, People and Places, Animals, Early Civilisations, The Human Body, Language and Culture, The Modern World and Space.

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Access to 1000’s of screens of university-produced educational content. Free teacher guides, lesson planner and lesson activities.

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