Our centre projects

Our centre projects.

 Veggie patch

  • Topping up the veggie patch with organic matter.
  • Re-planting with seasonal veggies
  • Mulch.Worm Farm
  • Re-use existing worm farm.
  • Educate children through hands on workshops of what to feed them.
  • Implement containers for worm food.

   Animal Habitats

  • Where possible re-home animals such as rabbits, chickens, fish, birds, ducks


  • Educating children on habitats and food requirements.
  • Children able to handle animals with educator’s assistance.Maintaining our gardens using recycled water
  • As part of the City of Hume water conversation we have had a purple tap install which is recycled water
  • Children use un used water, to water plants within their rooms or outside.`
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