Reduce Resource Use During School Holidays

Your school can put into place some easy end-of-term systems to help significantly reduce its ecological footprint and resource use over the school holidays! Many thanks to Sustainability Victoria for this article –

Reduce Energy

Classrooms, offices and computer labs

  • Shut down all lights and electrical equipment and switch them off at the wall, including computers, heating/cooling systems and staff room appliances
  • Clean out all fridges and leave the doors ajar
  • Turn off chilled water and boiling water units (leave a sign to let people know the water needs to be emptied out before use next term)

Reduce Water

Toilet/shower blocks, drinking taps and pools

  • Check and fix all leaking toilets, showers and drinking taps
  • Underground leaks can be detected by green patches on the lawn, wet patches or SETS data spiking
  • Ensure the pool system is on the most efficient maintenance setting
  • For the outdoor pool, place a pool cover over it to reduce water evaporation

Watering systems and water tanks

  • Adjust watering systems to the current water restrictions and use over summer
  • Check who will be minding the watering system over the holidays
  • Make sure that drains are free of leaf litter to allow for summer rains to flow into water tanks

For the Garden

  • Organise a roster with local families or neighbours who can assist with looking after the garden, animals and reptiles
  • Organise food and water for chooks and other animals, exercise and lock up routines, checking their health and signs of heat stress
  • Remember to feed the worm farm and ensure it is kept cool and moist. You may even have families interested in taking the worm farm home ‘worm-sit’ for the holidays
  • Organise for someone to feed the chooks and collect the eggs
  • Abide by the water restrictions, remember to water in the cool of the evening using tank water if possible
  • Harvest plants over summer when ready
  • Water indoor plants

Who to involve

  • Speak to the principal to encourage a whole school approach to resource reduction for the holiday period
  • Speak to grounds and maintenance staff to help with the ResourceSmart Reduction of the heating/cooling systems, pools and checking for water leaks
  • Engage all students and staff with a ResourceSmart Reduction /shut down list for each classroom
  • Encourage student environment groups to write the check lists for veggie gardens, compost heaps, worm farms, chooks and other animals
  • Contact parents to help mind the gardens and animals
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