Reducing Waste at Victoria Primary School

Reducing Waste at Victoria Road Primary School.

At Victoria Road Primary School it is our mission to reduce our overall waste at the school.

We currently have four bins in each classroom. A co-mingle bin, a paper bin, an organics bin and landfill bin. Students are taught at the beginning of each year regarding items that need to go in which bin, and are reminder constantly throughout the year from the sustainability captains.

We recently got chickens which have helped reduce our overall waste throughout the school. Organics either go to the chickens or in the organics bin, which creates rich soil and is used throughout the school. According to our Resource Smart data we used a high volume of paper. To try become more sustainable, paper is shredded and used for bedding for the chickens. We also have put a limit on the photo copier machine to reduce the amount of printing teachers use, this has helped decrease our overall paper use.

We regularly encourage ‘nude foods’ be brought into the school and always look at others ways we can reduce the overall waste produced at the school.

Students are giving time before recess and lunch to eat in the classroom so no rubbish is taken outside. We do not have any bins outside as students cannot bring any rubbish outside their classrooms.

We recently conducted a litter audit around the school. According to the findings a lot of the schools litter is things such as Slurpee cups which is being brought into the school. As a school we will look further into this problems and brainstorm ways to solve this.

The next step for the school, is looking into the school canteen and how much waste this produces, especially how the food is packaged and given to students. This is something our current sustainability captains are very passionate about and see it as a key issue.

Victoria Road Primary School will continue to research into ways we can reduce the amount of waste produced at the school and educating staff and students about reducing, reusing and recycling waste.

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