Sustainability Progress report


Each class level has taken responsibility for an activity that promotes and develops students working towards better sustainability and environmental behaviour. These activities include:
• Establishing a worm farm
• Caring for gardens
• Tidying and rubbish removal around school grounds
• Composting program
• Recycling program
o Plastics
o Paper
o Mobile Telephones
• School wide promotion

Senior students assisted with the energy audit and are also monitoring usage of gas, electricity, water and waste disposal. There has been increased interest in the Gardening Club from students across the whole College, with vegetables and herbs being grown and sold.

It is planned for a group of students to visit the Melbourne Zoo to look at the development of environmental developments used there. It is believed students generate a greater understanding and passion for sustainability initiatives.

The energy audit conducted by Planet Savers Australia has identified efficiency opportunities that will provide a reduction in energy consumption and emissions. The adaptation of these opportunities is currently being considered and reviewed.

We are now reviewing the purchasing of goods where a recycled alternative is available. This is particularly for all our paper products.

We continue to purchase 2nd hand text books, 2nd hand furniture and reconditioned desktop computers, and also continue to recycle of printer cartridges and cardboard and paper.

Moving into 2016, students with a keen interest and understanding of sustainability issues will be identified. They will be developed to lead a ‘kids teaching kids’ program on increased awareness of sustainability issues. It has been proposed that an Environment Captain be added to the Middle School leadership team.

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