Today’s Schools TV Series

‘Today’s Schools’ is a TV series, produced by Well Imagine That, shown on Thursdays at 6:00pm on Channel 31 (Melbourne).

Today’s Schools showcases short documentaries about the best teaching, learning and innovative practices in schools. Schools who feature in Today’s Schools often put their segment on their website, give it to prospective parents, kindergartens and feeder schools and play it in reception. They also advertise their TV segment through their school newsletters to parents and friends.

Well Imagine That use a professsional crew for both the filming and post production work. This ensures, not only engaging TV, but high quality HD marketing material as well.

If your school would like to be broadcasted or filmed please contact:
Gerard Stevenson
Phone: 03 9844 0429
Twitter: @wellimagine

Well Imagine That are always open to ideas.
You can view some their segments at

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