Youth Decide

This November, before the world leaders come together for the United Nation’s 21st UNFCCC negotiations in Paris, AYCC is giving high school students the opportunity to understand and participate in the democratic process through Youth Decide. Students will have their say on the future they’d like to inherit, create, and pass on to future generations.

Youth Decide events can be run in the classroom with the support of downloadable lesson plans, or voting events can be student-lead, for small groups, year groups, or the whole school community. Students will connect with the values of innovation, fairness and community and be empowered to use these values – embedded in sustainability thinking – to have a say on their future.

Schools who register as a ‘Youth Decide voting school’ will have access to an information pack, how-to guides about how to run events, getting local media and supporting student-run sustainability campaigns.

The Youth Decide Vote will be open for all of Term 4, and students are encouraged to hold their voting events during November 16-20 along with other schools around the country will be running events.

For more information and to register your school, visit AYCC’s Switched on School website.

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