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Early Childhood Incursions




After a redevelopment hiatus, CERES Education is reintroducing Early Childhood Incursions in 2017 with an exciting new format!


Early Childhood Incursions will be run as a minimum of 3 sessions and are $600 (GST free)

  • 3 x 45 minute student sessions    OR
  • 2 x 45 student  sessions and 1 x 45 minute teacher PD session

Two themes to choose from:

Farm to Fork

Learn about where food comes from and how to grow healthy food

The 4Rs

Learn about waste and recycling at the Centre or at home

Teacher PD

Teachers can participate in a Sustainability based PD tailored to your specific requirements.
Details of your PD can be discussed at the time of booking.
Examples of teacher PD sessions could be:

  • Waste Management Systems and practices
  • Good soil, compost and worm farm management
  • Maintaining your garden/basic gardening skills and tips
  • Techniques to get children involved in sustainability




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