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Come and experience the magic of CERES!

CERES Education offers a wide range of Incursions for primary school students. Use the filters below to find programs for a specific topic.

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Hands on Gardening

Incursion - Biodiversity Program (Foundation to Year 10)

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Soil Safari

Incursion - Biodiversity Program (Grade 3 to 6)

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Plant a Seed

Incursion - Biodiversity Program (Foundation to Grade 2)

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Australia 2050

Incursion - Sustainability Program (Grade 3 to 6)

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The 4 R’s

Incursion - Waste Program (Foundation to Grade 2)

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Worms and Minibeasts

Incursion - Waste & Biodiversity Program (Foundation to Grade 6)

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Discovering Energy

Incursion - Energy Program (Foundation to Grade 2)

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A River’s Tale

Incursion - Water Program (Foundation to Grade 2)

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Water Cyclists

Incursion - Water Program (Foundation to Grade 2)

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A River’s Tale

Incursion - Water Program (Grade 3 & 4)

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Water for Life

Incursion - Water Program (Grade 5 to Year 10)

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Indian Celebrations

Incursion - Cultural Program (Foundation to Year 10)

Book an incursion

Our school incursions:

  • help develop skills and knowledge about sustainability and the environment
  • include hands‐on and real-world activities
  • are carefully designed to engage and motivate participants
  • are delivered by experienced sustainability educators
  • compliment the National Quality Framework, Victorian Curriculum, and ResourceSmart Schools
  • include pre-visit and post-visit information with follow-up activities and resources

3 x 45 minute workshops = $600
4 x 45 minute workshops = $780
5 x 45 minute workshops = $960
6 x 45 minute workshops = $1,140
*Prices above for max 30 students/children per session.

Student Leadership Program (4 hours, one visit) = $860
Maximum of 30 students. You’re welcome to invite students from other schools to fill the numbers. Please call us if you require 2 visits)

CERES Mobile Energy Classroom
3 hours – $780 (minimum booking)
4 hours – $980
5 hours – $1,150

Energy and Carbon Auditing Program

Option 1 – $500
Option 2 – $800
Option 3 – $1,300 (small to medium schools) | $1,800+ (large schools)
Option 4 – $2,200
Total Cost – Price above, plus GST and Travel (first 30 kms free)

When you book a program with CERES, you are supporting something far beyond the fantastic sustainable education services we offer.

Your fees contribute to all the fantastic work we do including, research and implementation of cutting edge renewable energy technology and sustainable urban food systems, our program supporting young adults with a disability, our social enterprise “Tamil Feasts” which supports recently settled asylum seekers, as well as a plethora of fantastic local community groups who use CERES as a gathering place.

Thank-you for your support. Without you CERES would not exist. Your school/centre can be proud to know that you are helping CERES work towards a more sustainable and just world.

We will contact you to confirm your booking and dates.
The booking will not be confirmed until both the school, centre or other party and CERES have confirmed availability.
Bookings should be made with a minimum of 3 weeks notice.
Additional travel costs of $1 per km will apply if your school or centre is over 30km from CERES.

We would appreciate using the same classroom for all sessions to avoid shifting equipment around.
10-15 minutes class change over time is required between each session.
We will arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to booking time to set up.

* CERES Education requires minimum 2 weeks notice for cancellations of bookings.
If less than 2 weeks notice is given, a 10% of total Incursion costs will be incurred.


Contact the Education Bookings Team

(03) 9389 0144